Amigazine is a small zine that I recently started its going to get distrubuted out soon here in Perth, its about video game music from the 80s and 90’s particlar from sega mega drive, snes and pc. Its square format been folded into four parts. On the cd is the SPC soundrack a mp3 conversion and some remixes. So they are quick to make its going to be the same each time, with the start screen type as a logo, large type referencing nostagia and when opened up, its four squares with scans of the cart, front and back covers and the cd, on the back will just be the logo and link to (which i have to finish) the zine will be a dollar to cover cost of photocopies, cds and paper. Wish me luck, if anyone would like a copy give me a shout.

Also I’m Looking for illustrators and typographers for future issues so if your interested, reply in the comments.


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